Year of Trek Problems (2021)

I commend you all for enduring another year of #TrekProbems with poise, grace, and integrity befitting a Starfleet officer. Keep those phase inducers aligned and have a great New Year’s! 🖖

Most common #TrekProblems of 2021:

Entities 9.3%
Time Travel 8.6%
Holodeck Misadventures / Mind Control 7.1% (TIE)
Hostile Aliens 6.4%
Q / Transporter Issues 5.7% (TIE)

Most afflicted with #TrekProblems in 2021:

Picard 22.9%
Riker 12.9%
Data, Geordi 9.3% (TIE)
Worf 7.9%
Janeway 7.1%